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male student in front of gatewayMo came to QS in the winter of 2012 for academic coaching while in his first year of CEGEP. Mo told us he felt unmotivated, and was having difficulty getting himself organized. He was concerned that his grades did not reflect his potential. Although his goal was to get into university, he was afraid that he would not be admitted.


Mo's coach discovered that when he moved to Canada during high school, he had to adjust quickly to a new environment and new material, and felt overwhelmed with all the changes in his life. After working with Mo for a few sessions, his coach also discovered that what was standing in Mo's way was not a lack of understanding of the material, but a lack of study skills, goal-setting tools, and follow-through. He also lacked confidence, and negative thinking was affecting his ability to be successful.

QS weekly sessions with Mo ranged from working on concrete academic skills – reading strategies, test-taking strategies, presentation skills – to mapping out a future vision for himself, addressing obstacles, engaging his support network, and developing a realistic action plan that gives Mo a way forward.

Here is what Mo has to say about his experience:

"Working with a QS coach has helped me identify barriers that were keeping me from moving ahead with my studies. I worked with my coach to find possible solutions, and different ways to think about myself and my studies. I've realized that change is not easy, but my QS coach has helped me learn and feel supported. We also worked on specific skills that make me a better student – how to make a study schedule, how to deal with distractions, how to break down an assignment into steps. I'm planning to continue working with QS in the fall of 2012, and have a clearer idea of what I want to do in the future, which is helping me feel more motivated to study."

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