About QS Admissions Counseling

three students walking to classIn today's career and work environment, your academic plan is crucial in determining your place in the global marketplace. We know how stressful and overwhelming the admissions process to a college, undergraduate or graduate program can be and have developed admissions counseling streams that we tailor to your needs to ensure you are positioned for acceptance into your dream program. With our extensive experience in university admissions and academic counseling, QS provides you with:

  • decision-making support for international study
  • a personality inventory to assess your strengths and talents
  • assessment of your career objectives
  • research on compatible programs that will help you reach your goals
  • a careful screening of your documents
  • liaison support with faculty and university admissions officers
  • a comprehensive study plan
  • assistance with your application portfolio, including letters of intent, research plans and application procedures
  • admission and acceptance to the program that is right for you

We help you navigate the entire admissions process--from making decisions about programs to receiving your letter of acceptance.

How you can benefit from QS Admissions Counseling

Our experienced admissions counselors facilitate your admissions process so that you and your family can make smart education choices. Our team is well-equipped and carefully trained to provide:

  • well researched and timely information and advice about how to apply
  • access and connections to a vast educational network
  • expert and personalized support throughout the entire admissions process

We work closely with you to develop a carefully-designed and coherent study plan that aligns with your personal life goals and creates a road map for your academic success. Having an admissions counselor work with you on your study plan will allow you to channel your talents and passions toward the right path, paving the way to a successful and fulfilling career. In addition, a carefully developed study plan improves your chances of obtaining a study permit, and saves you and your family time and resources by ensuring timely completion of your application, so that you can have an excellent start to your academic career. Your education is the key to your future and QS will support you every step of the way.

QS Admissions Counseling Streams

Our four admissions counseling streams are designed to be tailored to your needs and can be easily combined with any of our other services, such as academic success coaching, career coaching and language coaching. Our goal is to match your learning needs with an approach that is right for you.