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About QS Career Coaching

student readingIn today's global job market, it is important to start early in preparing your career path. Adaptability, creative thinking, self-confidence, self-mastery and a strong network are the keys to success and what you can rely on to land at the top of your class, your field, or your company. Our QS Career Coaching options are designed to pave the way for a successful career while you are in your studies, as well as after you graduate, to help you apply your strengths and skills to rewarding and exciting careers. At QS, we support you in

  • aligning your academic path with your career path
  • gaining concrete job search skills
  • finding your dream job
  • acquiring networking tools
  • defining short-term, as well as long-term life goals
  • removing obstacles to motivation
  • setting specific, measurable, attainable and realistic goals for your career and beyond
  • learning how to problem solve by taking active, concrete, focused & realistic steps
  • adapting to constantly changing & challenging environments

How you can benefit from QS Career Coaching

A career coach helps you understand your strengths and provides you with strategies for overcoming challenges. We are action-oriented and guide you in developing a clear and achievable career path, using psychometric tools, learning styles inventories and dialogue to create a toolbox of customized strategies and skills that promote your career success. Your QS coach will help you

acquire the tools to be successful in a constantly changing world
increase your motivation, confidence and self-mastery, so that you can adapt to wherever life may take you
develop leadership and career readiness skills by becoming more self-disciplined, meta-cognitive, and more aware of how you learn best in different environments
become an adaptable thinker, leader and innovator in a changing and competitive world
position yourself for career success, even while you are completing your studies

QS Career Coaching Options

We offer three QS career coaching options that we customize to fit your needs and can easily combine with any other QS coaching and counseling options. Our goal is to match your career planning needs with an approach that is right for you.

  • Our most comprehensive career coaching option, QS' Jumpstart on Career works with you while you are completing your undergraduate or graduate studies ....

  • Our Job Search Success option is about presenting your best self in written job applications as well as in a job interview. We customize our approach ....

  • In today's competitive job market, networking is a crucial activity. Networking 101 is one of our most popular career options because we work with you....