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Succeed in your studies

Are you a high school student or recent graduate preparing for the challenges of studying in Canada?

Are you preparing for your first year of university or college in Canada and want to make sure you are well positioned to succeed?

Are you lacking motivation & focus? Do you think you could you be getting higher grades?

Are you a high performing student in an undergraduate or graduate program and want to take your academic success to an even higher level?

QS Academic Success Coaching leads to a smoother and more successful transition into post-secondary study. For local and international students, adapting to a new campus culture as well as to the demands of university life can be extremely challenging and overwhelming.

QS Academic Success coaches:

  • ease your transition to post-secondary studies
  • offer you tools to be a successful student and position you for advancement in your field
  • provide encouragement, support and help you overcome obstacles and develop strategies for success
  • assess your learning style, and help you optimize your strengths
  • coach you on memory techniques, test-taking, reading comprehension strategies, effective writing, relaxation techniques, and time management
  • encourage academic self-management
  • help you develop and implement a successful action plan aimed at getting the most from your learning experience and helping you become a master student

Learn more about QS Academic Success Coaching, and contact us to get started.