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About Academic Success Coaching

students on a benchQS Academic Success Coaching is designed to support you - the high school, undergraduate, and graduate student - in achieving your academic goals and overcoming academic, as well as motivational obstacles. We know the pressures and demands you face, and have therefore developed a unique educational approach to support you during your academic journey. QS Academic Success Coaching Options ease your transition to post-secondary studies, offer you tools to be a successful student, and position you for advancement in your field.

QS Academic Success Coaching focuses on:

  • defining short-term, as well as long-term learning goals
  • removing obstacles to your learning and motivation
  • setting specific, measurable, attainable and realistic goals for your learning and beyond
  • learning how to problem solve by taking active, creative, concrete, focused and realistic steps
  • adapting to constantly changing and challenging environments

How you can benefit from QS Academic Success Coaching

With our extensive experience working with students in academic settings, we have developed an integrated model of academic coaching that draws on current research and best practices in:

  • cognitive behavioural psychology
  • motivational theories
  • student development theories
  • academic counseling
  • and humanist education

An academic coach helps you understand your strengths and provides strategies for overcoming challenges. Our academic coaches are action-oriented and will guide you in developing a clear and achievable learning path, show you how to improve your "inner game", and support you in taking responsibility for your academic success.

With the help of your QS Academic Success coach you will:

  • acquire the tools to be a successful learner
  • gain motivation, confidence and self-mastery
  • become a smarter learner, and develop skills that you can apply to future studies, careers, personal relationships, and other learning endeavors
  • develop leadership and career readiness skills by becoming more self-disciplined, meta-cognitive, and more aware of how you learn best in different situations
  • learn self-regulation skills: how to manage your time effectively, and limit online activities, such as gaming and social media distractions
  • become an adaptable thinker, leader and innovator in a continuously changing and competitive world
  • complete your studies in a timely way

QS Academic Success Coaching Options

We offer four QS Academic Success Coaching options that we customize to fit your needs and can easily combine with any other QS coaching and counseling options. Our goal is to match your learning needs with an approach that is right for you.

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