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students outdoorsQS offers quality educational services with you, the global student, in mind. Based on our long-time experience working with students in academic settings in Canada and abroad, we have realized the need for a kind of student support that is comprehensive, integrated, multi-disciplinary, culturally sensitive, and personalized. Our counseling and coaching models are designed based on our experience, research, and best practises -- and we customize our approach to meet your particular needs. We make it our mission to position you for success by helping you travel the educational path that is best suited for you and that builds on your passions, strengths and goals.

Why work with a QS Counselor or Coach?

In today's competitive global marketplace, it takes more than average grades and any bachelor's degree to stand out from the crowd. Experts agree that those students among you that succeed have a number of things in common: they are passionate about their studies, intrinsically motivated, deep learners, culturally competent, and goal-driven. We understand the challenges of becoming such a student, but believe that everyone can develop leadership abilities, and everyone has the potential to approach their studies and careers with passion and purpose. QS' vision is to help you become focused students, creative thinkers, and lifelong learners because you are our future leaders.

What the Experts Say about Counseling and Coaching

Educational research shows that consistent and frequent academic counseling and coaching yields measurable results. Students who work with counselors are not only more likely to participate in post-secondary education, but also more likely to succeed in their academic studies and beyond.

A 2011 study conducted at Stanford University found that academic coaching leads to significant increases in the likelihood that you will stay in school and graduate. "The results are clear: coaching had a clear impact on retention and completion rates."

QS Services: Personalized, Flexible, and Integrated Learning Models

Our services are designed to support you at any stage of your academic journey:

  • exploring your passions and your study path
  • preparing you for study abroad
  • working towards passing your English language test
  • improving your academic skills
  • studying for your academic degree
  • or seeking work experience.

Our Admissions Counseling, Language Coaching, Academic Success Coaching and Career Coaching services are designed to be delivered as separate units or as integrated admissions counseling and coaching packages so that you can not only get into your dream program, but also realize your academic potential once you get there. Our goal is your success, in and beyond the classroom.

How QS delivers

QS services are delivered in personalized, flexible and integrated ways. We have QS staff conveniently located in major hubs in Canada, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and in the U.S.A. In addition, we use cutting-edge online services to provide you with immediate and fast access to highly trained professionals whenever you want & wherever you are in the world.

Contact us, and schedule a free consultation to learn more about any of our services.