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A mother’s perspective:

mother and son at computerQS offered Admissions Counselling to Heba's son, Hassan, through his final year of high school. QS helped Hassan at every stage of the application process: from deciding on which program to take, to completing his applications. Hassan received three letters of acceptance from universities in Canada, and plans to begin his studies in Physics in fall 2012.


"Although I am a mother, and I am not applying for university myself, my family has greatly benefited from working with QS. Most important, I found a suitable university for my son, and it was not so difficult due to the real support of QS through all steps of the application process.

I learned from working with them that it is never too late, even if your son doesn't pay attention to details... QS was there for him!

I learned about QS from a friend, and I think that any student can benefit from working with them starting from searching for the university, and through the student's first year in Canada.

QS devoted their experience, offered caring and honest advice, followed up, and gave us precious tips.

I would recommend QS to every student and parent if you want things to go correctly and easily. As a parent, dealing with QS made me not worry about such an important decision for our family.

Thank you, QS team- you were always there for us!"

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