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About Our Experience

QS has communications and project management expertise

Our team has held communications, public relations and project management positions with government departments, organizations, and universities, including the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT), the G8/G20 Summit Meetings, the City of Ottawa, Certified General Accountants (CGA) and Carleton University.

Our team currently promotes our partner universities and institutions by developing extensive communications plans that combine marketing and branding strategies, adapted to specific cultural contexts. By providing quality service, listening to our client’s needs, and being highly aware of contexts, we have established ourselves as an organization that creates a strong and long-term presence for our clients in our key markets.

QS is connected to a wide network of educational institutions in Canada and abroad

We have fostered a strong network of connections with international and Canadian academic institutions. Because our team has worked as faculty and academic staff, we have first-hand understanding of the opportunities, challenges and constraints that Canadian institutions face. Our experience allows us to contribute as advisors to provincial policy initiatives around academic internationalization, as well as to develop and negotiate mutually beneficial partnerships between Canadian and international educational institutions.

QS has extensive experience designing, managing and delivering student support and transition programs

QS staff played central roles in developing, managing and coordinating one of the most successful transition programs in Canada: Carleton University’s Enriched Support Program. Based on QS’s experience with such models, we promote and develop programming that offers seamless transition and integrates academic advising, mentoring, coaching, and discipline-specific support to facilitate the student’s successful entry into the academic environment. Our model’s strengths lie in the integration of different levels of support, the accommodation of students’ different learning needs and backgrounds, and a developmental approach to engaging novice scholars and researchers. Our signature programs include academic foundations courses, graduate student support programs, international student orientations, customized academic success plans and faculty development.

QS has teaching and curriculum development expertise

Qualitas Strategies has 30 years of combined experience developing and teaching curricula in postsecondary as well as second language contexts. In addition to developing and delivering academic courses to university students at all levels, QS staff has expertise in the professional training of faculty and teaching assistants in post-secondary settings. We combine content with a strong emphasis on pedagogical tools that foster engagement, collaboration, empowerment and autonomy, including experiential and problem-based learning methods.

QS is international

Our team has experience living and working abroad, including in South Korea, Sweden, Germany, and throughout the Middle East. We are multilingual and provide coaching, training and support to students in English, Arabic, French and German. In collaboration with universities, we develop programming that is context-appropriate and offers cross-cultural learning opportunities for both students and faculty.

QS has student admissions and academic advising expertise

QS staff has worked on university admissions committees, and has first-hand knowledge of the processes employed at Canadian institutions for assessing student applications and accepting students. We apply this inside knowledge when working with international undergraduate and graduate students who are in the process of preparing their admissions portfolios.

QS staff is familiar with student advising methodologies, and has designed and implemented advising programs that fit with the needs of particular groups of students. As long-time members of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), we are familiar with research, best practices, and current issues in the academic advising field. Our training in the assessment of advising programs allows us to ensure that programs are designed using measurable learning outcomes and constantly improved to increase student success.

QS is an expert in second language learning

Our organization has expertise and certification in second language teaching and learning. Our team members have taught second languages in a number of settings: the Goethe Institute in Alexandria, Egypt; Chonnam National University in Kwangju, South Korea; the UN World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden; at Carleton University and at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

QS staff has published handbooks for ESL teachers & has developed language learning materials for students in specialized fields. We prepare students for the academic demands of graduate study in academic writing, reading strategies, research skills and presentation skills.